Tally Genicom 5040 passbook printer.

Tally Genicom 5040.

Available Configuration
TallyGenicom 5040 Printer base version
TallyGenicom 5040 Printer base version with second serial interface
TallyGenicom 5040 MSR-H Printer with Horizontal Stripe Reader/Encoder (MSR)
TallyGenicom 5040 MSR-H Printer with Horizontal Magnetic Stripe Reader/Encoder (MSR), with second serial interface
TallyGenicom® 5040 Printer Specification
Print Speed
10/12/15 cpi: Draft normal 300/360/400, Draft high speed 400/480/600; LQ normal 100/120/150, LQ high speed 133/160/200

Horizontal 60, 80, 90, 120, 180, 240, 360; Vertical 60, 180 (depending on application)

Character Density
10,12,15,16.6 (Olivetti emulations only), 17.1, 20cpi

Line Density
6 and 8 lpi, and in increments up to 1/360th inch

Character Sets
IBM PC2 (13 national character sets) ISO 8859-2/-5/-7/-8/-9, additional character sets available from CD-ROM

Printhead Life
300 million dots/wire

Standard Connectivity
RS232, 9 pin D-Sub male connector; USB-2; Parallel Centronics IEEE1284; 32KB input buffer

Optional Connectivity
Second serial interface; TGNet Ethernet 10/100BaseT adapters

Standard Emulation
Epson ESC/P, IBM 4722, Olivetti PR50/PR2/PR2e, IBM PP XL24e

Draft, Roman, Sans Serif, Courier, Bold, Prestige, Script, Orator, Gothic, OCR-A/B; Barcodes: UPC/A, UPC/E, EAN8, EAN13, Code 39, Code 128, Code 93, Codabar, 2/5 Interleaved, and 2/5 Industrial

10 million character cassette

STD Paper Handling
Document feed- horizontally from the front, Automatic alignment, Automatic loading, Automatic left edge sensing

Number of Copies
Original + 4 copies

Paper Type
Passbook and cut sheet/forms

Paper Weight
Passbook (sewn on pages) 75-120 g/m2; cut forms 60-180 g/m2

Paper Size
Passbook - max. 2.0mm thickness, including covers; cut sheet/forms - width 70 to 240mm (2.8 to 9.4"), length 70 to 500mm (2.8 to 19.7")

Physical Weight

Physical Size
6.6" H x 14.9" W x 11.0" D

Power Voltage
120/230 VAC; 73W Printing, <9W standby

Power Frequency
50/60 Hz

Energy Star, RoHS, Microsoft, ISO-compliant

Reliability MTBF
10,000 hours

50°F to 86°F; 15% to 75% relative humidity non condensing

55dB (A)

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